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Human being is considered to be the best creation in this universe. It is said that human energy reflects that of God’s, but it is only restricted till the energy is on the positive side, the moment you find your positive energies draining from within you, that is the time when you are actually engulfed with what is the opposite of the positive energy, the negative energy.

So what exactly is a positive energy and what is a negative energy. A few brief examples of feelings might help 1us understand when are we absorbing positive energy and when are we exuding negative energy.

Positive Energy Signs

  • It is when you feel a sense of compassion for yourself and others.
  • You find yourself at peace, and no matter what the situation is, you radiate a glow of peace from within your own self.
  • Positive energy can also be felt when you are optimistic.

Negative Energy Signs

  • You feel like you are let down, like someone is deliberately pulling your moral down.
  • This is the situation when you close the doors of your heart, feel unsafe about the surrounding, in a way you get inside a cocoon.
  • You so wish to get out of this down syndrome, but somehow you feel you are stuck.

Reiki Healing is exactly the thing that you would need at the point when you find the positive energies draining from your persona. It is a kind of energy force which flows into the part of your being which is affected by the negative force and breaks the flow, therefore bringing in a positive sense in you and you start feeling good about yourself.

The people who have learned Reiki feel the positive energy around them all time, though there are other healing processes but Reiki is very different from the other healing methods.

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